Which technology innovation has captured global consumer imaginations for 2016?
07 Jan 2016

Which technology innovation has captured global consumer imaginations for 2016?

CES2016 kicks off in Las Vegas today.

07 Jan 2016

CES2016 kicks off in Las Vegas today. Closed to the public, it is one of the technology industry’s largest global gatherings. Companies gather to unveil innovation that they hope will create market transformations.

There will be widespread media coverage of what the technology companies are excited about for 2016. At News Republic, we wanted to find out what consumers are most excited about. So, we surveyed our readers in 14 countries about the technology they believe will have the most impact in 2016.

We asked them to choose between five technologies, based on the innovations we expect to see unveiled at CES this year:

– Robotics/Drones
– Virtual/Augmented Reality
– Internet of Things
– 3D Printing
– Self Driving Cars

Almost 25,000 readers responded. Here are the results:

Consumers around the world are most excited about Virtual and Augmented Reality. Nearly one third (30%) of all global votes went to VR as the key technology of interest. Robotics and drones came in second, but 12 points behind (18% of the votes) and IoT came in third with just under 16% of the vote.

Global Interest:

Virtual and Augmented Reality – This has clearly captured the consumer imagination. This was the hands down winner, with 30% of respondents globally (7,536) choosing this as the key technology to watch in 2016.
Robotics and Drones – These still dominate the consumer mindset, securing 18% (4,342) of the consumer vote.
Internet of Things came in third with 15.5 percent (3,855), but with only half of the votes of virtual and augmented reality.
3D Printing (3,280) and Wearables (3,283) tied for fourth place, both capturing 13% of the vote. Are these already being viewed more as yesterday’s tech than tomorrow’s tech?
Self-Driving cars accounted for only 10% (2,500) of the vote. Consumers seem less eager for this innovation than companies are.

Regional Breakdown (North America, EU, LatAm, APAC)

– Virtual and Augmented Reality took the top technology rank in every region
– Robotics and Drones took second place in Europe (17%), NA (28%), LatAm (29%), but lagged in APAC with only 12% of the vote.
– The second most anticipated technology in APAC is the Internet of Things with 24% of the vote. It was a solid third in all other regions.
– Self-driving cars came in last in three of the four regions polled (NA, EU, APAC), while it was edged out slightly in LatAm for last place by wearables.

Survey respondents weighed in from the U.S. and Canada Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, U.K., France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, India, China and Taiwan.

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