News Republic — A Great Example of What We Look For in a Samsung Partner
05 Feb 2016

News Republic — A Great Example of What We Look For in a Samsung Partner

This just in: A blog post that

05 Feb 2016

This just in: A blog post that has put a bounce in the team’s step today!

Our grandparents, our parents, and even many of us grew up with a reliable source of daily news. Information was being delivered to them once, twice, or even three times per day, right to their door. The newspaper had both locally developed content and contributions from trusted news organizations worldwide. As delivery media evolved from paper to data stream, the source of content went from known, local establishments serious about documenting life events, to internet-resident aggregators who produced questionable content at best. As a result, the e-news you read on many apps can be scraped from sites both reputable and disreputable, often without credit or permission.

News Republic represents a trusted source that is the answer to the problem of bad content. With sources in 40 countries, and available in 37 languages, the News Republic app has been voted best in mobile media publishing and won over a dozen awards. Content is also sourced from 1500 top-tier media partners with permission and attribution to give readers all the information that is important and relevant. However, with over 50,000 licensed articles available per day, the curation of content becomes a big job. So to bring the right content to each reader, they use both geo-location and innovative new algorithms.

News Republic also uses a combination of user surveys and advanced analytics to understand what kind of content users prefer and to ensure they are delivering it in the most desired format.

This unique approach taken by News Republic makes their app an ideal candidate for co-development with Samsung. Marketing and promotion provided to development partners gives apps unprecedented visibility with consumers while Samsung’s leading-edge mobile devices provide all of the capabilities required to build the amazing applications that make Galaxy buyers among the most satisfied customers.

Like News Republic, Samsung’s quest for the ‘next big thing’ focuses on innovative, even disruptive, product offerings. So if you are a developer who leans toward refreshingly unique content or innovative new user experiences, take the time to explore a partnership with Samsung MSCA.

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