French Tech Cocktail #1 in Moscow with our VP Europe David Finch !

If you drop by Moscow on the 24th of September from 7:30 to 9:30 pm, be sure to attend the first French Tech Cocktail in Russia.
Our VP Europe, David Finch, will share our vision and mission at News Republic, supported by our Country Manager Anna Pospyelova.
With love from France to Russia.

До скорых встреч!)

The Channel Round up of latest developments at News Republic

Global news syndicator News Republic’s free, personalised news service publishes 50,000 unique articles daily and generates the reading of over half a billion articles monthly. It has content partnerships with over 1,100 leading news organisations. New content includes BBC World Service in Chinese, Hindi, Russian and Spanish; GQ; Vanity Fair ; Glamourin Spanish. At this year’s Mobile World Congress, the company was winner of “Best Mobile Media & Publishing App” and released News Republic for Apple Watch in April. News Republic is now in 11 countries after expansion in India, Mexico and China. In China, News Republic’s predictive semantic algorithm will provide technology support for online media giant Sohu’s news and mobile media content on Samsung devices across the country. The SohuNews Republic News App, preloaded on all Samsung handsets, will be the first personalised news reading experience for Chinese consumers complete with highly sophisticated predictive technology.

Check out the full article on IAB digital newspaper on page 12.

We love our new Media Baron !

“Raymond appears to be one of the very few democratic media barons who firmly believe news is much more than a commodity and hence calls for innovative ways to facilitate its holistic and seamless access. News Republic is clearly a player to watch out for, not just for its headline news, additional links or tagging system but for the promise it holds in India and for India.”

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Very nice article on Cell Phone City about Appy Geek – check it out!

Changes happen very quickly in the technology industry. Today’s best app could be tomorrow’s worst. New software could reverse the way we work with technology in an instant. One wrong move can bring a tech giant down while a start-up could rise to success overnight. How do we monitor the tech world if it can change by the minute?
Check out the complete article here.
Thanks for this nice review!